Efficient reliable UDP unicast, UDP multicast, and IPC message transport



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Efficient reliable UDP unicast, UDP multicast, and IPC message transport. Java and C++ clients are available in this repository, and a .NET client is available from a 3rd party. All three clients can exchange messages across machines, or on the same machine via IPC, very efficiently. Message streams can be recorded by the Archive module to persistent storage for later, or real-time, replay. Aeron Cluster provides support for fault-tolerant services as replicated state machines based on the Raft consensus algorithm.

Performance is the key focus. A design goal for Aeron is to be the highest throughput with the lowest and most predictable latency of any messaging system. Aeron integrates with Simple Binary Encoding (SBE) for the best possible message encoding and decoding performance. Many of the data structures used in the creation of Aeron have been factored out to the Agrona project.

For details of usage, protocol specification, FAQ, etc. please check out the Wiki.

For those who prefer to watch a video then try Aeron Messaging from StrangeLoop 2014. Things have advanced quite a bit with performance and features, but the basic design still applies.

For the latest version information and changes see the Change Log with Java downloads at Maven Central.

Commercial support, training, and development on Aeron is available from [email protected]. Premium features such as Solarflare ef_vi transport bindings for a further 40-60% reduction in latency, and security with ATS (Aeron Transport Security) for encrypted communications is available to customers on commercial support.

How do I use Aeron?

  1. Java Programming Guide
  2. C++11 Programming Guide
  3. Best Practices Guide
  4. Monitoring and Debugging
  5. Configuration Options
  6. Channel Specific Configuration
  7. Aeron Archive (Durable/Persistent Stream Storage)
  8. Aeron Cluster (Fault Tolerant Services)

How does Aeron work?

  1. Transport Protocol Specification
  2. Design Overview
  3. Design Principles
  4. Flow Control Semantics
  5. Media Driver Operation

How do I hack on Aeron?

  1. Hacking on Aeron
  2. Performance Testing


Java Build

Build the project with Gradle using this build.gradle file.

You will require the Java 8+ to build Aeron:

  • JDK 8 or later, Java versions before 1.8.0_65 are very buggy and can cause tests to fail.

Full clean and build of all modules

    $ ./gradlew

C++ Build

You require the following to build the C++ API for Aeron:

  • 3.6.1 or higher of CMake
  • C++11 supported compiler for the supported platform
  • C11 supported compiler for the supported platform
  • Requirements to build HdrHistogram_c.
  • JDK 8 or later to compile the SBE schema definitions used by the archive client.

Note: Aeron support is available for 64-bit Linux, OSX, and Windows.

For convenience, the cppbuild script does a full clean, build, and test of all targets as a Release build.

    $ ./cppbuild/cppbuild

For those comfortable with CMake - then a clean, build, and test looks like:

    $ mkdir -p cppbuild/Debug
    $ cd cppbuild/Debug
    $ cmake ../..
    $ cmake --build . --clean-first
    $ ctest

C Media Driver

By default, the C Media Driver is built as part of the C++ Build. However, it can be disabled via the CMake option BUILD_AERON_DRIVER being set to OFF.

Note: C Media Driver is supported on Mac and Linux, the Windows version is experimental.

For dependencies and other information, see the README.


If you have doxygen installed and want to build the Doxygen doc, there is a nice doc target that can be used.

    $ make doc


If you would like a packaged version of the compiled API, there is the package target that uses CPack. If the doc has been built previous to the packaging, it will be included. Packages created are "TGZ;STGZ", but can be changed by running cpack directly.

    $ make package

Running Samples

Start up a media driver which will create the data and conductor directories. On Linux, this will probably be in /dev/shm/aeron or /tmp/aeron.

    $ java -cp aeron-samples/build/libs/samples.jar io.aeron.driver.MediaDriver

Alternatively, specify the data and conductor directories. The following example uses the shared memory 'directory' on Linux, but you could just as easily point to the regular filesystem.

    $ java -cp aeron-samples/build/libs/samples.jar -Daeron.dir=/dev/shm/aeron io.aeron.driver.MediaDriver

You can run the BasicSubscriber from a command line. On Linux, this will be pointing to the /dev/shm shared memory directory, so be sure your MediaDriver is doing the same!

    $ java -cp aeron-samples/build/libs/samples.jar io.aeron.samples.BasicSubscriber

You can run the BasicPublisher from a command line. On Linux, this will be pointing to the /dev/shm shared memory directory, so be sure your MediaDriver is doing the same!

    $ java -cp aeron-samples/build/libs/samples.jar io.aeron.samples.BasicPublisher

You can run the AeronStat utility to read system counters from a command line

    $ java -cp aeron-samples/build/libs/samples.jar io.aeron.samples.AeronStat

Media Driver Packaging

The Media Driver is packaged by the default build into an application that can be found here



  1. On linux, the subscriber sample throws an exception

     java.lang.InternalError(a fault occurred in a recent unsafe memory access operation in compiled Java code)

    This is actually an out of disk space issue.

    To alleviate, check to make sure you have enough disk space.

    In the samples, on Linux, this will probably be either at /dev/shm/aeron or /tmp/aeron (depending on your settings).

    See this thread for a similar problem.

    Note: if you are trying to run this inside a Linux Docker, be aware that, by default, Docker only allocates 64 MB to the shared memory space at /dev/shm. However, the samples will quickly outgrow this.

    You can work around this issue by using the --shm-size argument for docker run or shm_size in docker-compose.yaml.

License (See LICENSE file for full license)

Copyright 2014-2021 Real Logic Limited.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

  • Subscription intermittently stops delivering messages

    Subscription intermittently stops delivering messages

    Hi, similar issue to #234, but with slightly different behaviour, so I'm raising a new issue. One of the subscriptions on a specific channel causes all of the others to stall and results in back pressure on the publication.

    Here is AeronStat output for stream -1762877036. Note registrationId 1167 is show a sub-pos much smaller than the others.


    983:               65,184 - pub-lmt: 853 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    984:               32,416 - snd-pos: 853 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1099:               29,920 - sub-pos: 1428 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1134:               29,920 - sub-pos: 460 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1135:               29,920 - sub-pos: 428 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1136:               29,920 - sub-pos: 309 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1137:               29,920 - sub-pos: 241 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1140:               29,920 - sub-pos: 197 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1141:               29,920 - sub-pos: 76 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1227:               29,920 - sub-pos: 1332 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1435:               29,920 - sub-pos: 718 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1436:               29,920 - sub-pos: 776 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1437:                  384 - sub-pos: 1167 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1438:               32,416 - rcv-hwm: 1270 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1464:               29,920 - sub-pos: 1293 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1712:               29,920 - sub-pos: 1962 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1761:               29,920 - sub-pos: 1671 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    1973:               29,920 - sub-pos: 1836 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    2039:               29,920 - sub-pos: 1928 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=
    2060:               29,920 - sub-pos: 2038 880428294 -1762877036 aeron:udp?group=|interface=

    I have some custom monitoring of my handler so that I can track if this subscription is still being polled. You can see the streamId and registrationId matches the problematic subscription and pollCount is increasing, which means I'm confident our polling code hasn't crashed.

    $>bean com.lmax:name=tfx-group__InstrumentNotificationServicePublic,service=cfdx,type=AeronReceiver 
    #bean is set to com.lmax:name=tfx-group__InstrumentNotificationServicePublic,service=cfdx,type=AeronReceiver
    $>get *
    #mbean = com.lmax:name=tfx-group__InstrumentNotificationServicePublic,service=cfdx,type=AeronReceiver:
    RegistrationId = 1167;
    TopicName = tfx-group::InstrumentNotificationServicePublic;
    StreamId = -1762877036;
    PollCount = 441575;
    Uri = aeron:udp?group=|interface=;
    $>get *
    #mbean = com.lmax:name=tfx-group__InstrumentNotificationServicePublic,service=cfdx,type=AeronReceiver:
    RegistrationId = 1167;
    TopicName = tfx-group::InstrumentNotificationServicePublic;
    StreamId = -1762877036;
    PollCount = 691272;
    Uri = aeron:udp?group=|interface=;

    Polling code:

        public int poll()
            final int poll = subscription.poll(handler, 20);
            return poll;

    Looking at the log inspect for the appropriate subscription image show that aeron thinks the term is unused and dirty. I.e. the first show no messages, but has not been cleaned the remaining 2 terms are all zeros. The LogInspector suggests that there are no messages in that term.

     Fri Jun 17 03:38:17 UTC 2016 Inspection dump for /dev/shm/aeron-tradex/images/UDP-ac1d0101-0-efc10001-10000-347A4506-96ECA194-4F6.logbuffer
     Time of last SM: Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 UTC 1970
     Initial term id: -1970406852
        Active index: 0
         Term length: 65536
          MTU length: 4096
     default Data Header{frame_length=0 version=0 flags=11000000 type=1 frame_length=0 term_offset=0 session_id=880428294 stream_id=-1762877036 term_id=-1970406852 reserved_value=0}
     Index 0 Term Meta Data status=CLEAN termOffset=0 termId=0
     Index 1 Term Meta Data status=CLEAN termOffset=0 termId=0
     Index 2 Term Meta Data status=CLEAN termOffset=0 termId=0
     Index 0 Term Data
     Data Header{frame_length=0 version=0 flags=00000000 type=0 frame_length=0 term_offset=0 session_id=0 stream_id=0 term_id=0 reserved_value=0}
    opened by mikeb01 67
  • Question: Publication Unblock

    Question: Publication Unblock

    Can you please confirm that the following is indeed an issue?

    In IpcPublication::checkForBlockedPublisher,

    because initially we set

    timeOfLastConsumerPositionChange = 0;


    consumerPosition = producerPosition(); lastConsumerPosition = consumerPosition;

    When we transition from having no subcription to having one, it triggers a call to LogBufferUnblocker.unblock even if the publication is not block.

    In my use case, the first claimed message is forcefully published by unblock when in fact it should be done via commit.

    Maybe setting the timeOfLastConsumerPositionChange=currenttime when a new subscription is added would prevent this.

    I can also increase the unblock timeout. However it would be a a very high value given that the difference between current time and timeOfLastConsumerPositionChange = 0 could be very high.

    opened by goglusid 53
  • With many streams over a single channel, Publications report NOT_CONNECTED

    With many streams over a single channel, Publications report NOT_CONNECTED

    I have around 400 streams over a single channel. Some of the streams work fine, but the publication for a number of them report NOT_CONNECTED when doing an offer. The system works without issue when I have a channel per stream.

    I've attached a couple of log files filtered down to one of the streams that is not working (streamId: -1523337006). The app.txt is our application logs showing successful creation of the publication and subscription. The cnc-stat is the relevant lines from the AeronStat output. media-driver-admin.txt is all of the related messages from the media driver logs with 'aeron.event.log=admin`.

    app.txt cnc-stat.txt media-driver-admin.txt

    opened by mikeb01 49
  • Encryption/Security Discussion

    Encryption/Security Discussion

    A place to discuss initial encryption/security concerns.

    enhancement question Requires Sponsorship 
    opened by tmontgomery 40
  • Duplicate Messages Received for Long Running Processes

    Duplicate Messages Received for Long Running Processes

    • What we found
      • We created a test client application that will connect two peers over UDP and send an incrementing set of sequence numbers to a local client's remote peer. The local sequence number is incremented by 1 on each message sent. When reading messages, the remote peer asserts that the stream of sequence numbers contained in the data messages is strictly increasing by one. The critical assertion is that if a sequence number read by a Peer is not incrementing by one, we either have received a message that looks like it was sent in the past if it is less than the expected value or looks like it was sent in the future if it was greater than the expected value. In our case, we were able to reproduce the "received a message sent in the past" with Setup 2 (below).
      • This scenario occurred after the test was running for about 9 hours. At that time the sequence number log indicates we received a duplicate message with a sequence number from approximately 6 hours ago.
      • Note that we only notice duplicate delivery with Setup 2 (two instances) and not with Setup 1 where both media drivers on the same machine but still communicating using UDP.
      • This is demonstrated by ConnectionSample.cpp: https://gist.github.com/bedding/08a0609a880595e89df63d994cc06f03
    • Test Platform
      • Version of Aeron we used: aeron/master at 84f757c8e0ee638c5448c8c39f650f4714e0a842
      • Setup 1 :
        • 1 EC2 instance: c4-8xl
        • 2 media driver processes, one test client per media driver.
        • Both media drivers and both client processes are on the same machine, communicating via UDP.
      • Setup 2 :
        • 2 EC2 instances
          • C4-8XL
          • C3-8XL
        • Each instance has a media driver process and test client process.
    • What the test does
      • Peer: a single Aeron client process
      • Connection
        • Control channel: consists of a stream to receive control messages (such join request, join response and join acknowledgement) and a stream to publish control messages to the remote peer.
        • Data channel: consists of a pair of streams to send and received incremented sequence numbers.
      • Steps
        • Start peer 1 with endpoint A, which waits for peer 2 to start.
        • Start peer 2 with endpoint B, which initiates the connection by sending a join request to peer 1 via the control channel connected to endpoint A.
        • Peer 1 will increment its sequence number (Sn1) and send it with a data message to Peer 2.
        • Peer 2 reads the data message and checks if the sequence number is always increasing by 1.
        • Peer 2 also sends it incrementing sequence number (Sn2) to Peer 1, which does the same check for the sequence number Sn2.
    • Notes
      • Based on previous issue I opened, I integrated with the newer version of Aeron and also used a guard based on isConnected() function on both publication and subscription
      • We also implemented a peer connection acknowledgement to ensure that connections are acknowledged by both peers, meaning both channels are connected on both sides.
      • We also send data messages on control channel to make sure that message drop or duplicate message does not occur on any stream.
    opened by bedding 38
  • Multicast: first subscriber gets full message replay, following subscribers not ?

    Multicast: first subscriber gets full message replay, following subscribers not ?

    (Setup: your BasicXX example classes using multicast addresses [JDK 1.8_11 Ubuntu 14.04, AMD Opteron]).


    1. Start publisher sending "Hello world". Let it run for a while
    2. Start 1st BasicSubscriber => Subscriber receives all messages starting at sequence 0
    3. Start 2cnd Subscriber: => Subscriber receives a sequence near the current sequence of sender

    How large will the replay for the 1st subscriber become ? In case of a high volume publisher e.g. started some hours before the first subscriber, 1st subscriber might get flooded with messages. Can I suppress replay upon join somehow ?

    enhancement question 
    opened by RuedigerMoeller 38
  • Aeron Publisher offer succeeds but subscribers do not receive any data

    Aeron Publisher offer succeeds but subscribers do not receive any data

    Hi, I ran this test on the latest version 1.14.0, java version is: 1.8.0_161-b12, I am on a macOS. Please note the sequence of steps below:

    • I took the BasicPublisher class, changed the sleep to 300 ms instead of 1 second

    • Secondly I modified the aeron.client.liveness.timeout=300000000 (300 ms instead of 10 second)

    • Now start the MediaDriver(I used the low-latency-media-driver), BasicPublisher and please start two BasicSubscriber instances

    • What I noticed is that the BasicPublisher publishes and both the subscribers receive data but after some time both stop receiving data. But what is surprising is the Publisher does not notice this and keeps offering successfully. So now the subscribers do not receive any data but publisher is publishing

    This only happens when I reduce the client liveness timeout. This is exactly what we found in our test environment as well

    Also the following error was printed in the error log file:

    7 observations from 2019-01-12 20:48:36.354+0530 to 2019-01-12 20:49:14.939+0530 for:
     io.aeron.driver.exceptions.ControlProtocolException: Unknown Subscription: 3
    	at io.aeron.driver.DriverConductor.onRemoveSubscription(DriverConductor.java:741)
    	at io.aeron.driver.ClientCommandAdapter.onMessage(ClientCommandAdapter.java:136)
    	at org.agrona.concurrent.ringbuffer.ManyToOneRingBuffer.read(ManyToOneRingBuffer.java:157)
    	at io.aeron.driver.ClientCommandAdapter.receive(ClientCommandAdapter.java:64)
    	at io.aeron.driver.DriverConductor.doWork(DriverConductor.java:154)
    	at org.agrona.concurrent.AgentRunner.doDutyCycle(AgentRunner.java:268)
    	at org.agrona.concurrent.AgentRunner.run(AgentRunner.java:161)
    	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)

    Please let me know if this is a bug and in the mean time what is the best way to workaround this problem? Let me know if you need any more details


    opened by harnitbakshi 37
  • Add protection for multiple drivers on same machine

    Add protection for multiple drivers on same machine

    Need to protect the shared directories.

    opened by mjpt777 29
  • Driver gets wedged with two subscribers, one publisher

    Driver gets wedged with two subscribers, one publisher

    Using the latest versions of PublisherTool and SubscriberTool, if I start one subscriber with an embedded driver, start another one on the same channel:stream ID without, and start a publisher...

    $ java -cp aeron-tools/build/libs/tools.jar uk.co.real_logic.aeron.tools.SubscriberTool --driver=embedded
    $ java -cp aeron-tools/build/libs/tools.jar uk.co.real_logic.aeron.tools.SubscriberTool
    $ java -cp aeron-tools/build/libs/tools.jar uk.co.real_logic.aeron.tools.PublisherTool

    the two subscribers get messages for a few seconds and then wedge, getting nothing, and the publisher is blocked from sending. If I kill the publisher and start it again, I get an exception on the PublisherTool app:

    java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: index=16777208, length=24, capacity=16777216
        at uk.co.real_logic.agrona.concurrent.UnsafeBuffer.boundsCheck(UnsafeBuffer.java:795)
        at uk.co.real_logic.agrona.concurrent.UnsafeBuffer.putBytes(UnsafeBuffer.java:724)
        at uk.co.real_logic.aeron.common.concurrent.logbuffer.LogAppender.appendPaddingFrame(LogAppender.java:293)
        at uk.co.real_logic.aeron.common.concurrent.logbuffer.LogAppender.appendUnfragmentedMessage(LogAppender.java:206)
        at uk.co.real_logic.aeron.common.concurrent.logbuffer.LogAppender.append(LogAppender.java:137)
        at uk.co.real_logic.aeron.Publication.offer(Publication.java:165)
        at uk.co.real_logic.aeron.tools.PublisherTool$PublisherThread.onNext(PublisherTool.java:416)
        at uk.co.real_logic.aeron.tools.RateController$SecondsAtBitsPerSecondInternal.sendNext(RateController.java:479)
        at uk.co.real_logic.aeron.tools.RateController.next(RateController.java:53)
        at uk.co.real_logic.aeron.tools.PublisherTool$PublisherThread.run(PublisherTool.java:357)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

    If I kill and restart the publisher again, I don't get another exception, but it thinks it's sending for a few more messages and then wedges again. Meanwhile, the subscribers haven't gotten any new messages since the very first run of the Publisher.

    This could be some sort of bug in the tools themselves, but the fact that I get an exception from the LogAppender on the Publisher upon restarting the tool makes me think that perhaps it's not.

    opened by strangelydim 28
  • Publish artifacts on maven

    Publish artifacts on maven

    Hi, are there any plans to publish Aeron (+Agrona) as maven artifacts ? Would ease integration + use amongst several developers/locations.

    opened by RuedigerMoeller 25
  • Multicast UDP sender stops making progress causing backpressure

    Multicast UDP sender stops making progress causing backpressure

    Hi, we've seen this issue a few times over the last couple of months. Our application experiences back pressure, but none of the consuming applications appear to be behind. The most recent time I grabbed the counters using the AeronStat tool during the incident.

    These are the counters for the affected stream. I've changed the IPs and the service names that appeared in the channel string.

    175:       47,441,980,448 - pub-pos (sampled): 217 -661565896 70008 aeron:udp?endpoint=239.68.xx.xx:xxxxx|interface=xx.xx.xx.0/xx|alias=service1
    176:       47,441,979,808 - pub-lmt: 217 -661565896 70008 aeron:udp?endpoint=239.68.xx.xx:xxxxx|interface=xx.xx.xx.0/xx|alias=service1
    177:       47,408,425,376 - snd-pos: 217 -661565896 70008 aeron:udp?endpoint=239.68.xx.xx:xxxxx|interface=xx.xx.xx.0/xx|alias=service1
    178:  369,036,638,760,032 - snd-lmt: 217 -661565896 70008 aeron:udp?endpoint=239.68.xx.xx:xxxxx|interface=xx.xx.xx.0/xx|alias=service1
    179:                    1 - snd-bpe: 217 -661565896 70008 aeron:udp?endpoint=239.68.xx.xx:xxxxx|interface=xx.xx.xx.0/xx|alias=service1
    185:       47,441,980,448 - sub-pos: 231 -661565896 70008 aeron-spy:aeron:udp?endpoint=239.68.xx.xx:xxxxx|interface=xx.xx.xx.0/xx|alias=service1 @0
    186:       47,441,980,448 - rec-pos: 7 -661565896 70008 aeron:udp?endpoint=239.68.xx.xx:xxxxx|interface=xx.xx.xx.0/xx|alias=service1
    202:       47,441,980,448 - sub-pos: 281 -661565896 70008 aeron-spy:aeron:udp?alias=service2|endpoint=239.68.xx.xx:xxxxx|interface=xx.xx.xx.0/xx @32928
    245:       47,441,980,448 - sub-pos: 339 -661565896 70008 aeron-spy:aeron:udp?alias=service3|endpoint=239.68.xx.xx:xxxxx|interface=xx.xx.xx.0/xx @57344
    173:                    1 - snd-channel: aeron:udp?endpoint=239.68.xx.xx:xxxxx|interface=xx.xx.xx.0/xx|alias=service1

    pub-pos has apparently exceeded pub-lmt, which is why the application is experiencing back pressure. It appears to be snd-pos that is causing pub-lmt to not move forward. snd-limit appears to be set to a large garbage value.

    Other multicast UDP publications are progressing during this time and their snd-limits have sensible values. The Errors counter is set to 0.

    We are using the Java media driver version 1.34.0. We've recently upgraded, but I believe that we saw the same version when running 1.29.0.

    I may be able to get a pcap recorded during the incident if you think there might be info in their that could help us debug this.

    opened by chrisejones 2
  • Run Cluster without services to work as a distributed log

    Run Cluster without services to work as a distributed log

    enhancement Requires Sponsorship 
    opened by mikeb01 0
  • QoS configuration option

    QoS configuration option


    Currently, Aeron does not provide a way to configure the QoS of the underlying sockets created by the media driver.

    This is something users might want to have control to, depending on the workload and the underlying setup (cross-DC communication, ...)

    I think this can be implemented and supported:

    • At the media driver level through a configuration parameter (1-byte integer AERON_IP_TOS)
    • At the channel level as a param of the uri
    • Both

    What do you suggest ?

    I can work on an implementation on my side and then submit a PR, I just need to know what criteria my PR should meet for you guys to merge it.

    opened by oktal 1
  • [C] aeron_properties_load should not fail on non-existing file/resource

    [C] aeron_properties_load should not fail on non-existing file/resource

    The Java side uses org.agrona.SystemUtil#loadPropertiesFiles(java.lang.String...) API which ignores non-existing files/resources. However the C implementation of the aeron_properties_file_load fails with error if file cannot be opened. This leads to media driver failing to start if executed from a script that points to some default files (e.g. c-media-driver script from the benchmarks project).

    opened by vyazelenko 4
  • publication/subscription cannot connect when using Onload and Hardware Multicast Loopback

    publication/subscription cannot connect when using Onload and Hardware Multicast Loopback


    I would like to be able to publish on a multicast address such that processes both on the local machine and on remote machines are able to receive these messages.

    I am using Solarflare cards and would like to use the Hardware Multicast Loopback feature available via Onload in order to be able to receive the multicast messages on the local machine.

    My process contains both a publisher and a subscriber that use the same channel / stream. When I don't use Onload then the publication and subscription connect to each other. However, when I use Onload then they do not connect. The simple program below reproduces this issue.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks, Vladimir

    Here are the details:

    When I do not use Onload the below program produces this output:

    $ java -cp ... aaa.ClientConnectivityTest Connecting... Connected...

    When I use Onload the program does not connect:

    $ java -cp ... aaa.ClientConnectivityTest oo:java[6884]: Using OpenOnload [5] oo:java[6884]: Copyright 2019-2020 Xilinx, 2006-2019 Solarflare Communications, 2002-2005 Level 5 Networks Connecting...

    Per the Solarflare documentation, in order to use the Hardware Multicast Loopback one needs to: (1) set the firmware-variant to full-feature (2) set the following environment variables: EF_MCAST_RECV_HW_LOOP=1 EF_MCAST_SEND=2 EF_CTPIO_SWITCH_BYPASS=0 Also, the loopback will not work for UDP datagrams above MSS (1473 for an MTU of 1500), but I don't think this is the case here.

    I start a media driver in a shell where these variables are set then I start the test program in the same or diferent shell.

    With the same settings, I am able to successfully run the Solarflare pingpong application as follows:

    $ ./sfnt-pingpong $ ./sfnt-pingpong --mcast --mcastintf=sfc0 --maxmsg=1472 udp

    The difference between these parameters and the aeron url is the name of the interface, in this case sfc0.

    package aaa;
    import io.aeron.Aeron;
    import io.aeron.Publication;
    import io.aeron.Subscription;
    public class ClientConnectivityTest {
        private final Aeron _aeron = Aeron.connect(new Aeron.Context());
        private Publication _publication;
        private Subscription _subscription;
        private String _channel = "aeron:udp?endpoint=|interface=";
        private int _stream = 10;
        public ClientConnectivityTest() {
            _publication = _aeron.addPublication(_channel, _stream);
            _subscription = _aeron.addSubscription(_channel, _stream);
        public void waitUntilConnected() {
            while (!_publication.isConnected());
            while (!_subscription.isConnected());
        public static void main(String[] args) {
        	ClientConnectivityTest cct = new ClientConnectivityTest();
    opened by puiuvlad 9
  • Add a string to Aeron connection

    Add a string to Aeron connection

    proposal: now every application has a uniq ID for each aeron connection. It would be convenient if application could add a string value to connection and that value would be visible in the Aeron stats. Like

    Aeron.connect(new Aeron.Context().name("mySuperApp")); 

    and in Aeron stats:

     29:    1,537,738,373,872 - client-heartbeat: 1 mySuperApp

    Of course every app could publish the id to it's own monitoring system and bla-bla-bla. But I try to come up with a solution for aeron monitoring out the box and this value would be helpful.

    opened by QIvan 2
  • Reduce unicast publication linger when SM indicates it is safe to do so

    Reduce unicast publication linger when SM indicates it is safe to do so

    UDP publications are lingered so tail loss can be detected and recovered. The majority of time loss will not occur and thus the resources tied up with a publication stay around longer than necessary. This is can impact short lived connections. This is a similar issue to what TCP faces with TIMED_WAIT.

    A optimisation for this is to cut short the linger period once a status message has been received indicating a new window is available from the end-of-stream position. This state can be flagged and then used in the onTimedEvent to shorten the linger period and reclaim the resources.

    The default linger period is 5 seconds which may need to be increased on high latency networks where this optimisation would be even more effective.

    This optimisation would not be applicable to multicast or multi-destination-cast.

    opened by mjpt777 0
  • Support returning an error message from Image to Publication

    Support returning an error message from Image to Publication

    When two-way, aka duplex, communication is being established and the return channel is invalid it would be useful to return an error somehow to the initiator. An example would be an invalid control response channel for an archive client. A solution would be if the receiving image from the connection initiation could return an error message to the source publication. The API could look something like the following.

    void Image.returnError(String) would send the error back via the control channel used for status messages and NAKs to the sender.

    The sender could then apply this error to the source publication and close it. The publisher could detect the unexpected close and then call String Publication.errorMessage() to get the message.

    The error message could be restricted to a max length of an MTU payload. To cope with loss the error could be sent on an interval like status messages until acknowledged by the sender or timeout when heartbeats are no longer received.

    opened by mjpt777 0
  • Add BBR Congestion Control Strategy

    Add BBR Congestion Control Strategy

    Add BBR, possibly BBR v2, support to both Java and C media drivers. BBR allows for slightly better throughput and latency compared to Cubic for a system like Aeron on a potentially congested network. BBR would enable better performance for Aeron over the Internet or in a congested cloud environment by helping avoid buffer bloat when probing for maximum throughput at lowest latency.

    This would be an additional optional strategy which could be enabled for either driver.

    enhancement Requires Sponsorship 
    opened by mjpt777 0
  • Allow setting initial position on ConcurrentPublication

    Allow setting initial position on ConcurrentPublication

    This would be possible but requires validation that publications on the same channel and stream-id do not have clashing initial positions. Specifically, if a publication was added without an initial position then a later publication cannot be added on the same stream-id and channel with an initial position set.

    Channel URIs would need to be validated for initial-term-id, term-id, term-offset, and term-length to be compatible.

    Separate checks need to be done for network and IPC publications.

    Requires Sponsorship 
    opened by mjpt777 0
  • 1.35.1(Sep 6, 2021)

  • 1.35.0(Aug 9, 2021)

    • [Java] Fix truncation of linger timeout in ChannelUriStringBuilder which lead to a short linger of Archive replays.
    • [Java] Remove incorrect publication linger validation.
    • [C] Add sanitize build for MSVC and fix issues found.
    • [C] Add missing free of counters associated with Cubic congestion control.
    • [C++] Fix missing use of FragmentAssembler in Archive response and clean up type warnings.
    • [Java] Fix packaging declaration in POM file.
    • [Java] Separate thread factories for replay and recording agents in Archive for when setting thread affinity is required.
    • [Java] Javadoc improvements.
    • [C] Agent logging fixes. PR #1198.
    • [Java/C] Support a list of bootstrap neighbours for fault tolerance in gossip protocol for driver naming.
    • [C] Handle connection reset without error when polling a socket on Windows.
    • [C++] Don't progress with archive connect until response subscription is available. PR #1196.
    • [Java] Use async publication adding for response channels from the Archive and response channels for egress and backup queries from the Cluster to reduce latency pauses for existing operations.
    • [Java] Ability to add publications asynchronously to Aeron client.
    • [C/Java] Support timestamping of packets for channel send and receive plus media/hardware receive timestamping if supported. PR #1195.
    • [Java] Ensure termination hook is run on unexpected interrupt during cluster election.
    • [Java] Reset cluster election state if in election and an exception happens outside the election work cycle.
    • [Java] Finish deleting pending archive recording for deletion on shutdown.
    • [Java] Ensure cluster log recording has stopped before restarting the election process to avoid spurious election failure from past recording stopping.
    • Upgrade to Google Test 1.11.0.
    • Upgrade to Mockito 3.11.2.
    • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 1.11.9.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 7.1.1.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.24.0.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.12.0.

    Java binaries can be found here.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.34.0(Jun 16, 2021)

    • [Java]: added nanoClock to AeronArchive.Context to control time more directly. PR #1188 .
    • [Java]: added ClusterBackup.Context.toString.
    • Various changes for Cubic congestion control, Status Message generation, and overrun determination to handle high loss scenarios with congestion control better.
    • [Java]: use separate archive contexts for local and remote archive clients in cluster backup. Local archive must be configured to use IPC.
    • [Java]: relocated ByteBuddy in agent jar.
    • [Java]: support constructing a ChannelUriStringBuilder from an existing URI. PR #1186 .
    • Several improvements to handling initial name resolution failures for cluster and cluster clients when using name resolution from containers.
    • [Java]: improve tag usage for IndexedReplicatedRecording example.
    • [Java]: more information included in extendRecoding failures.
    • Added name resolution logging to agents.
    • Append cycle time threshold to counter label.
    • [Java]: support connecting to a cluster when a minority of the members are not active in a name service.
    • [C]: retain entropy in large collections for hashing and include full range of possible masks for UINT32.
    • [Java]: timeout Archive replication if recording subscription endpoint fails to resolve.
    • [Java]: added AeronEvent exception type that does not generate a stack trace.
    • MDC manual destinations can now be initially unresolved.
    • [Java]: Fix NPE on cluster client after multiple redirects. PR #1179.
    • [C]: improve common hash functions. PR #1178.
    • Various fixes for re-resolution of endpoints and adding more tests to re-resolution scenarios.
    • [C]: add interface URI param to MDC publication channels.
    • [Java]: MDS will now use the base subscription URI for congestion control, receive window, and socket buffer URI params.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.23.0
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.11.0
    • Upgrade to Versions 0.39.0
    • Upgrade to Unit 5.7.2
    • Upgrade to Gradle 7.0.2
    • Upgrade to Shadow 7.0.0
    • Upgrade to Mockito 3.10.0, then to 3.11.1
    • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 1.11.0, then to 1.11.2

    Java binaries can be found here.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.33.1(May 14, 2021)

    • [C] Fix clean up in CSV name resolver on error.
    • Improve error messages for channel URI configuration and clash errors.
    • [Java/C++] Add missing arguments for full replicate and tagged replication API to Archive.
    • [Java] Avoid channel leak on error configuring send and receive channel.
    • [Java] Avoid double suffix of exception category to message for RegistationException.
    • [Java] Allow setting of socket and receiver buffer lengths in ChannelUriStringBuilder from ChannelUri with short form human friendly names.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.33.0(May 10, 2021)

    • The focus for this release has been a significant rework of cluster to make consensus more robust especially in recovery scenarios. We consider this the penultimate release to cluster being GA. As of this release we plan to stabilise the API and only make breaking changes if a significant issue is raised by a customer on commercial support.
    • Expand the range of channel URI params supported by the archive on a per stream basis.
    • Add support for dynamically switching debug logging on and off. PR #1155.
    • Add debug logging support for flow control.
    • [C] Fix memory leak and reassembly of fragmented message greater than 8K in client.
    • Fix short send of recording start event when tracking recording progress. PR #1155.
    • Improve clean up of subscriptions and control sessions in the Archive when failures occur.
    • [Java] Fix bug with flow control gtag being carried over erroneously which can cause issues with ReplayMerge and other features dependent on group flow control semantics.
    • Reduce the number of memory fences used with min and tagged flow control.
    • Set initial window segments to 10 for Cubic congestion control and fix issue measuring RTT in the presence of loss.
    • Add the ability to configure archive replication channel on a per operation basis. This enables the setting of congestion control and socket buffer lengths which are important for cluster backup.
    • Use Archive replication for cluster replication, dynamic join, and cluster backup. This requires the cluster and archive config to be correct as configuration errors will not be evident until used - be careful of using localhost for endpoints.
    • Check tag for match when reusing send channel endpoint. PR #1147.
    • Add the ability to configure socket buffer and receive window on a per channel basis. PR #1143.
    • Rework Cluster backup and dynamic join to use archive replication.
    • Add support for using a 0 port for cluster catchup endpoints.
    • [Java] Better clean up of allocated resources in the driver when failures occur so it can continue without leaks.
    • [Java] Reduce linger on explicitly closed resources in the client.
    • [C/C++] Improve the performance of pre-faulting memory mapped file on Linux and Windows. PR #1127.
    • [C/C++] Clean up warnings in Windows build.
    • Improve Javadoc.
    • Provide sender and receiver with their own cached clocks to be more responsive and isolated from conductor stalls.
    • Add new counters to detect work cycle stalls which track max work cycle latency and count of threshold exceeded observations.
    • Continue to send status messages and heartbeats when running in DEDICATED or SHARED_NETWORK thread modes to keep connections alive if the driver stalls due to DNS lookups or file IO.
    • Reduce the number of commands from client from 10 to 2 per work cycle to help prevent timeouts and reduce latency pauses.
    • Improve validation of adding destinations to publications.
    • Better handling of race conditions when clients and driver are started/restarted at the same time.
    • Extend debug logging events.
    • Improve diagnostics collection on failed cluster tests.
    • Add disable event codes for debug logging so all can be enabled and merged with a disabled set.
    • Add error stacks to C driver to aid debugging of issues.
    • Add storage space warnings and specific exception codes on errors returned to archive client. Archive has new config for low storage thresholds.
    • Detect archive failures in cluster so appropriate action can be taken.
    • Propagate recording errors from the archive back to the archive client that initiated the failed operation.
    • Add specialised ClusterTerminationException for expected cluster termination.
    • Reduce network syscalls with Java 11+ for higher numbers of active streams.
    • Respond to cluster client with session open event only after the open session is successfully appended to the cluster log.
    • Upgrade to Version 0.38.0.
    • Upgrade to BND 5.3.0.
    • Upgrade to Mockito 3.9.0.
    • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 1.10.22.
    • Upgrade to JUnit 5.7.1.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 6.8.3.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.22.0.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.10.0.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.31.2(Feb 14, 2021)

  • 1.32.0(Jan 26, 2021)

    • [C/Java] Fix unexpected image unavailable when a rush of connections comes in for MDC or multicast publication. Issue #1115.
    • Increase default flow control receiver timeout from 2 to 5 seconds.
    • [Java] Cluster performance improvements.
    • [Java] Improve liveness tracking for followers catching up with a cluster leader when service logic is running slow.
    • [Java] Configuration option for cluster log consumption fragment limit.
    • [Java] Improve coordination of Cluster services during an election for log catchup and state changes.
    • [Java] Rework Cluster elections to better handle edge conditions in resource limited environments.
    • [Java] Add multicast support for cluster log channel.
    • [C++] Add missing methods to ExclusivePublication so it is compatible with Publication.
    • [C] Support compatible command line options for the C driver when running on Windows.
    • [C] Fix the deletion of directories on driver shutdown when running on Windows.
    • [C] Fix the transposed observation times in the loss report.
    • [C/C++] Migrate the C++ client tools to wrap the C tools for AeronStat, DriverTool, LossStat, and ErrorStat.
    • [C] Reduce memory footprint and copying in client when sending driver commands.
    • [Java] Delete Archive segments asynchronously when purge, truncate, or delete operations are carried out so that deleting a large number of segments does not block the Archive conductor so that the Archive stays responsive. A new RecordingSignal has been added for tracking the completetion of the delete.
    • [C/Java] Run Cluster system tests against both the Java and C Media Drivers.
    • [C/Java] Complete logging and align of feature set with the same configuration that can applied to the Java or C media drivers. PR #1091.
    • [C] Support URIs larger than the label length on publications and subscriptions in the C media driver to be compatible with the Java media driver.
    • [Java] Add Java 16-ea to the test matrix.
    • [Java] Improve tracking of connection activity to more accurately detect the need for address re-resolution.
    • [C++] Improve samples for better usage illustration and error reporting.
    • [C] Complete the feature set for the C client so the C++ wrapper client is a pure wrapper, e.g. provide access to a late bound port for a Subscription.
    • [Java] Allow the setting of different error handler when polling a Subscription, e.g. use a RethrowingErrorHandler to propagate the error out the caller and stop progress.
    • [C] Fix throughput issue with C Media Driver debugging logging.
    • [Java] Support variable length entries in Archive Catalog and allow for complete purging of old entries. Requires migration. PR #1069.
    • [Java] Reduce memory footprint and copying in client for sending driver commands.
    • [Java] Improved Javadoc.
    • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.38.
    • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 1.10.19.
    • Upgrade to Mockito 3.7.7.
    • Upgrade to Versions 0.36.0.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 6.7.1.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.21.0.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.9.0.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.31.1(Nov 2, 2020)

    • Fix bug in C++ client managing images under a subscriptions due to bug with GCC 7.3.1 failing to emit an acquire fence.
    • Fix bug with cleaning up log buffers which could result in segfault in native driver.
    • Fix bug in C++ client with putValueVolatile.
    • Add AeronException.Category name to the beginning of error message to indicate the severity in the DistinctErrorLog.
    • Improved Javadoc.
    • Schedule Status Messages with more relaxed memory ordering for a ~3% throughput improvement in the Java driver.
    • Memory order fix for scheduling NAKs and Status Messages in native C driver.
    • Enable higher-resolution timers on Windows for native driver so sleep periods less than 16ms.
    • Upgrade to Mockito 3.5.15.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.31.0(Oct 14, 2020)

    • Handle failed log buffer delete in C media driver on Windows. This can happen when a client holds a mapped file open and the driver tries to delete it. PR #1073.
    • Increase default client liveness timeout from 5->10s and publication unblock timeout from 10-15s to be softer on clients that experience bad GC pauses or run in resource starved environments.
    • Add C++ ChannelUriStringBuilder#initialPosition method to set the initial position of a publication.
    • Add ownerId to publication limit counters for being able to track which client created a publication.
    • Improve javadoc and reduce the scope of some methods that should not have been public.
    • Fix C++ AtomicCounter::getAndSet.
    • Fix timer cancellation when scheduling in cluster. Issue #1071.
    • ReplayMerge now substitutes the endpoint from the replayDestination into the replayChannel to simplify configuration.
    • Support using a port of 0 on the replay destination for ReplayMerge so that it is assigned by the OS from the ephemeral range.
    • Support using a port of 0 on the replication channel between archives so that it is assigned by the OS from the ephemeral range.
    • Fix the ability to add and remove a destination with port 0 to an MDS Subscription.
    • New subscriptions now late join a stream at the min of existing subscriptions rather than max.
    • Fix implementation of ExclusivePublication::tryClaim in C++ wrapper client.
    • Add Cubic congestion control support to the C media driver. PR #1065.
    • Default to building the C++ archive client as part of the native build.
    • Improve the native Windows build for CLion.
    • Remove the need for having 7-Zip installed for native build on Windows.
    • Improve error handling for archive errors in the consensus module so warnings can be issued and retried.
    • Set media driver heartbeat to -1 on clean shutdown so it can be immediately restarted without waiting for driver timeout.
    • Add Clang 11 to build mix.
    • Add Java 15 to build mix.
    • Change stop replay failures in the cluster from errors to warnings.
    • Improve ExtendRecordingTest to be a better example.
    • Fix cluster tutorial scripts.
    • Improve samples code.
    • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.36.2.
    • Upgrade to Shadow 6.1.0.
    • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 1.10.17.
    • Upgrade to HdrHistogram_c 0.11.2.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.20.3.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.8.0.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.30.0(Sep 20, 2020)

    • Add hooks so ATS (Aeron Transport Security) can be loaded as a premium feature on the C media driver. Issue #203.
    • Numerous improvements for the native driver on Windows.
    • Further refinement and additions to the C client which is currently at preview status.
    • Remove a number of data dependent loads caused by indirection to reduce latency outliers.
    • Improve logic for expansion of BufferBuilder for fragmented messages to be correct at extremes and to be more efficient.
    • Set ANY ADDR to correct protocol family for endpoint based on control when IPv6.
    • Scope Cluster Backup counters by cluster id.
    • Improve Archive client connect error messages.
    • Add deadline checking to C++ Archive client connect.
    • Improve the efficiency of counter searching.
    • Add extra validation for the relationships between timeouts.
    • Change tracking of untethered subscriptions so the bottom 1/4 rather then 1/8 of the window is used to make for easier eviction.
    • Add registration and owner id to counters to help avoid ABA issues and to aid monitoring.
    • Avoid updating the commit position counter when the consensus module is closed.
    • Improve active transport tracking to be more timely and accurate.
    • Make use of cached clocks when referencing counters to reduce system call overhead.
    • Improve ReplayMerge tests to show a better example of usage.
    • Add driver and hostname to re-resolution counter for Java and C media drivers.
    • Fix memory corruption with driver naming resolution events in C media driver.
    • Fix dynamic agent dissector logging for C media driver.
    • Improve liveness tracking for channels to reduce overhead and false sharing in the Java Driver.
    • Add a ChannelUriStringBuilder.toString() method.
    • Provide a registration id on the add and remove handler methods in clients so they can be removed by the registration id and not rely on the pointer or reference to the callback.
    • Allow the setting of port 0 on Archive and Cluster control response channels for clients so they are automatically allocated from the ephemeral range.
    • Improve native code use of atomics across all platforms and especially on Windows.
    • Improve error messages in the native driver to help indicate which is the offending command and URI.
    • Auto resize the Archive Catalog when full so the Archive does not need shutdown and manually extended.
    • Improve startup code for all clients finding a running media driver which is racing to start at the same time.
    • Support the C++ Archive client on Windows.
    • Set CMake 3.6.1 as the min required version.
    • Upgrade to JUnit 5.7.0.
    • Upgrade to HdrHistogram_c 0.11.1.
    • Upgrade to Version 0.33.0.
    • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.36.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 6.6.1.
    • Upgrade to Mockito 3.5.10.
    • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 1.10.14.
    • Upgrade to BND 5.1.2.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.20.2.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.7.2.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.29.0(Jul 21, 2020)

    • Further refinement and additions to the C client which is currently at experimental status.
    • Improve error messages when parsing URI params.
    • Fix application of sparse terms in Java Media driver when not used on a per channel basis.
    • Add support for session based subscriptions on IPC and spies to the C media driver.
    • Use ssc (Spies Simulate Connection) only in cluster when membership size is 1. This avoids the leader racing ahead of followers which are catching up and a number of cases where the start of a recording can be missed.
    • Add the ability to have spies simulation connection (ssc) configured on a per stream basis for both Java and C media drivers.
    • Fix some false sharing issued introduced for channel re-resolution checking to give a tighter latency distribution.
    • Add state checks to Cluster operations so services do no use features at inappropriate times.
    • Rework build script to help IDEA recognise generated classes and not give false compilation errors.
    • Significantly improve throughput of C media driver when used with the Solarflare ef_vi premium extension to provide the best latency and throughput possible.
    • Fix short send counting in C media driver.
    • Change Archive session workers to behave more like normal Agents so that stack traces are more informative when debugging.
    • Improve error handling and cluster elections when dynamic membership is being used and increase test coverage.
    • Improve session checks when re-adding a publication with the same session id.
    • Refinements to Cluster Backup.
    • Change defaults for throughput tests to use 8k rather than 16k MTUs to better fit with jumbograms.
    • Close recording Archive recording subscriptions with autoStop = true that have an error on first image.
    • Detect Archive errors in Cluster so waiting operations can abort and be retried.
    • Fix aeron_ftruncate on Windows for native driver so it behaves more like Linux. This addresses races with client and driver starting at the same time which can result in a corrupt CnC file.
    • Avoid int overflow with Cluster snapshots greater than 2GB in length. PR #959.
    • Fix C++ client compile for CentOS 7 with GCC 4.8.5.
    • Add flow control (fc) and group tag (gtag) URI params to Archive stripped channels.
    • Configurable buffer length for Archive record and replay file operations to control batch size via aeron.archive.file.io.max.length. New default shows a marked increase in throughput and reduced latency in all our tests.
    • Capture logs from failed Cluster tests to aid debugging.
    • Agent logging for untethered subscription state changes in Java and C media driver.
    • Expanded agent logging for archive activities to aid debugging.
    • Fix segfault in C media driver if transport cannot bind.
    • Add Java 14 to CI.
    • Add native sanitize builds to CI.
    • Upgrade to Versions 0.29.0.
    • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.34.
    • Upgrade to Mockito 3.4.4.
    • Upgrade to BND 5.1.1.
    • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 1.10.13.
    • Upgrade to HdrHistogram 0.11.0 for C.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 6.5.1.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.19.0.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.6.0.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.28.2(May 28, 2020)

    • Fix issue with replaying cluster log when a snapshot is invalidated after a clean termination.
    • Correct arguments to onReplayNewLeadershipTerm which got transposed in 1.27.0 release.
    • Validate lower bound of MTU in config so payload must have some contents.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.28.1(May 27, 2020)

  • 1.28.0(May 25, 2020)

    • An experimental C API client is now available. We are happy to take feedback but be aware the API is subject to change as it gets refined.
    • Cluster has changed status from experimental to being a preview feature. Many refinements and bug fixes have been made to cluster in the last few months as a result of significant destructive testing. The API is now stable as of this release and will only change before going GA if a significant issue is found. Support is commercially available.
    • Correct implementation of Cubic congestion control implementation to align with spec.
    • Add support to the C media driver for session-specific and multi-destination subscriptions (MDS), plus complete the functionality so the C media driver can support Archive.
    • Support using 0 for port on endpoint or control so OS assigns the port without conflict and then make it available on Publication or Subscription via each getting a new localSocketAddresses() method. Local socket addresses also get their own counters.
    • Reduced CPU time spent scanning for loss in Java and C drivers so they can scale to a larger number of connections.
    • Apply consistent approach to merge window for ReplayMerge, Archive replication, and Cluster catchup.
    • Add the ability to stop a recording by recording identity when the recording id is known.
    • Use CRC if configured and any possible data to help recover last fragments in a recording that may straddle a OS page after an unclean Archive shutdown.
    • Support common short name alias for idle strategies in config for both Java and C media driver such as noop, spin, yield, and backoff.
    • Update false sharing protection to support Java 15 class layout and add it to ExclusivePublication.
    • Improve Java and C++ samples so they are up to date and give more consistent performance numbers.
    • Java client close operations for publications, subscriptions, and counters now happen asynchronously so the client does not wait for acknowledgement. This allows for more rapid close of resources.
    • Add notifications for client heartbeat counters becoming available and unavailable so Aeron clients can be tracked.
    • Allow for race in creating a new recording in catalog and first segment being written which can happen when a replay is set up right after a recording starts.
    • Upgrade to javadoc-links 5.1.0.
    • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 10.10.1.
    • Upgrade to JUnit 5.6.2.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 6.4.1.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.18.1.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.5.0.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.27.0(Apr 1, 2020)

    • Drivers can be named and names are gossiped between drivers so that they can be used to simplify configuration for endpoints. Driver Name Resolution.
    • Fix header file dependencies for C++ archive client.
    • Spy subscriptions can now match on channel tag for publications.
    • Multicast flow control is selected when using manual or dynamic MDC (Multi-Destination-Cast).
    • Add tryStopRecording methods to the archive clients so they can be called without raising an exception if no recording is active.
    • Add a counter for the number of active control session on the archive.
    • Add autoStop overload when starting a recording in the archive so it is automatically cleaned up when the first matching recordings stops.
    • Resend recording progress events after back pressure to detect tail progress.
    • Improve URI channel parsing validation. Issue #887.
    • Reduce allocation when churning publications.
    • Add CentOS 7 build to CI.
    • Upgrade to BND 5.0.1.
    • Upgrade to Junit 5.6.1.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 6.3.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.17.0.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.4.1.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.26.0(Mar 4, 2020)

    • Add correlation-id to ArchiveException and provide the ability to get the last used correlation-id in AeronArchive client.
    • Add re-resolution of endpoints when they timeout and become unconnected which can happen when machines migrate in a cloud environment to the Java driver.
    • Add TaggedMulticastFlowControl and ability to configure flow control via URI params for Java and C media drivers.
    • Deprecate PreferredMulticastFlowControl.
    • Fix mutexes for the C media driver on Windows. PR #867.
    • Fix handling of sockets the C media driver on Windows. PR #866.
    • Fix thread handling for the C media driver on Windows. PR #864.
    • Fix mmap on Windows for the C media driver. PR #865.
    • SetWaitableTimer expects a duration in 100-nanosecond intervals on Windows in C media driver. PR #868.
    • Fix NPE when -checksum flag is not used, and validation Checksum classname if it is used with ArchiveTool.
    • Deal with asynchronous errors from the archive when replicating or Replay Merge.
    • Fixes for Windows C driver. PR #861.
    • Warnings clean up in native code.
    • Fix socket close on Windows for C driver. PR #857.
    • Fix getting a random value in C driver on Windows. PR #854.
    • Reduce allocation of direct buffers in the archive to minimum of what is required depending on configuration.
    • Improve archive behaviour from unexpected outcomes of file read operations.
    • Migrate to Gradle maven-publish plugin.
    • Improve closing of resources in aborted or interrupted operation for Java client and modules.
    • Fix unexpected unavailable image which could occur with mixed use of wildcard and session specific subscriptions on the same channel.
    • Fix deadlock which could occur in C++ client if destroyed too quickly after creation. Issue #844.
    • Improve performance of Archive replay. Gains are 25%-50% depending on message length and platform.
    • Add client shared library support to C++ client. PR #836.
    • Only use MDS for archive replicate when joining a live stream or using a tagged subscription. This allows for multiple concurrent replication streams of recordings which are not joining live or being tagged.
    • Make receiver id channel endpoint specific so multi-destination subscriptions get flow controlled independently as they use different sockets. This results in less loss when using Replay Merge.
    • Improve performance of logging agent to file by batching event writes.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 6.2.1.
    • Upgrade to Versions 0.28.0.
    • Upgrade to Mockito 3.3.0.
    • Upgrade to HdrHistogram_c 0.9.13.
    • Upgrade to BND 5.0.0.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.16.3.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.4.0.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.25.1(Jan 21, 2020)

    • Log to ring buffer with zero copy semantics for improved logging performance. PR #831.
    • Retain file handle after establishing mapping in Windows C++ client. Issue #826.
    • Improve encoding performance of logging to file.
    • Log all events in a consistent manner with standard header.
    • Be consistent with the use of positional reads and writes in the archive for supported OS synchronisation and slightly improved performance.
    • Configure Java DistinctErrorLog to be US-ASCII rather than UTF-8 for compatibility with native driver.
    • Run slow tests daily in CI.
    • add GNU_SOURCE to clock for native builds on CentOS.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.3.0.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.16.1.
    • Upgrade to JUnit 5.6.0.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.25.0(Jan 12, 2020)

    • Where possible only weave in logging hooks when enabled in the Java driver. This can help performance for those who are only logging a few events.
    • Add ability to log the control channel responses from the Archive.
    • Fix issue with truncating recordings when truncate position equals stop position and start of segment to ensure file is deleted.
    • Fix issue with unaligned access to fields in LossReport.
    • Introduce interceptor bind framework to C driver for supporting loss testing, logging, and media layers other than BSD sockets.
    • Apply system tests to C driver when running in CI. When apply this a number of bugs got fixed in the C media driver.
    • Move CI from Travis to GitHub Actions and test on Windows, Linux, and OSX.
    • Support for agent logging in the C driver to file to match Java with the aeron.event.log.filename.
    • Support for adding checksums to archive recordings as CRCs which can be verified to detect file corruption.
    • Add support for applying and verifying checksums to recordings via ArchiveTool.
    • Add support for fixing recordings after after a system crash running an Archive.
    • Improve crash recovery for the archive when restarting.
    • Add cached clocks to C media driver to reduce the overhead of clock calls and improve performance, especially in cloud environments. Issue #606.
    • Fix thread local storage for Windows C media driver. PR #795.
    • Fixes for Windows C media driver. PR #794.
    • Improve EOS reporting in Image.toString() method. PR #792.
    • Fix recovery of stop position in crashed archive when start position was non-zero.
    • Provide API for for features that existed in CatalogTool in new ArchiveTool.
    • Don't linger replay publications in ReplayMerge so resources can be reclaimed sooner.
    • Default warning of Aeron direction existing on media driver start to false.
    • Add poll support to C media driver on Windows. PR #784.
    • Name log buffers based on correlation id.
    • Provide timestamp with stacktraces in default client error logger. PR #774.
    • Reject concurrent publications that specify init-term-id, term-id, and term-offset. PR #773.
    • Add sample illustrating how to build an index and basic time series on a recording that is also replicated in IndexedReplicatedRecording.
    • Improve performance for getting Header.position() in Java fragment handler.
    • Add BasicAuthenticator to C++ archive client samples.
    • Fix issue with configuring threading mode in C media driver. Issue #785.
    • Improve validation when extending recordings in the archive.
    • Add taggedReplicate operation to the archive for replicating a stream with provided tags so an external subscription can follow along.
    • Don't update the recording position in the archive if an exception occurs during a write. Previous behaviour could have erroneously reported progress when disk was full or underlying storage failure.
    • Fix issue in C media driver when a subscription could have go away yet the publication considered it was still connected.
    • Fix issue with incremental build dependencies. PR #762.
    • Fix recording events enabled property name.
    • Add authentication support to C++ archive client.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.2.0.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.16.0.
    • Upgrade to JUnit 5.6.0-RC1.
    • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.28.
    • Upgrade to HdrHistogram 2.1.12.
    • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 1.10.5.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 6.0.1.
    • Upgrade to javadoc-links 4.1.6.
    • Upgrade to Mockito 3.2.0.
    • Upgrade to gtest 1.10.0.
    • Upgrade to HdrHistogram_c 0.9.12.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.24.0(Nov 24, 2019)

    • Add bi-directional version identification to the archive network protocol
    • Add support for authenticated sessions to the archive.
    • Support setting of session-id on publications in the C media driver. Issue #623.
    • Fix setting of initial position on an exclusive publication in the C driver when the initial position is beyond the first term. Issue #750.
    • Allow for archive error log to be stored in archive mark file when running out of process from a media driver.
    • Trim down unneeded dependencies in agent and all shadow JARs.
    • Clean up allocated resources in C++ and Java clients when URI errors occur.
    • Add boundedPoll to Image for C++ and Java. Issue #744.
    • Only include what is used in C++ publication headers. Issue #743.
    • Provide unique type ids to error counters. Issue #741.
    • Add new archive control messages to agent logging and improve overall agent performance.
    • Fix pointcut for Archive control message logging. Issue #740.
    • Close files in Windows C++ client to prevent memory leak. Issue #737.
    • Improve the performance for MDC dynamic mode in the Java driver.
    • Set javadoc encoding to UTF-8.
    • Improve validation of channel URIs for endpoint, control, tags, and distinguishing characteristics in both C and Java drivers.
    • Fix calculation for archive truncate when offset is beyond first term in a segment.
    • Check for reentrant calls when in Archive callbacks and throw an exception if detected.
    • Change sample scripts to use the aeron-all JAR as a better example.
    • Upgrade to javadoc-links 4.1.4.
    • Upgrade to Build Scan 3.0.0.
    • Upgrade to Shadow 5.2.0.
    • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 1.10.2.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.15.0.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.1.0.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.23.1(Nov 6, 2019)

    • Correct bug when setting MediaDriver.Context.rejoinStream which set reliableStream property by mistake and update configuration output dump.
    • Add bind address and port to channel endpoint counter label to help with debugging connections.
    • Fix narrowing type conversion in C++ client for subscription images. PR #726.
    • Add progress checks to ReplayMerge and a new terminal state of FAILED which is entered on exception or lost connection to the archive.
    • Track close following connections with MDS without timing them out which can help with ReplayMerge.
    • Support manual control on MDC not requiring the control address:port to be specified so it can be automatically assigned.
    • Add ability to disable the recording events publication in the archive to save resources when it is not required.
    • Add protocol version of the server to the connect response for archive clients.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.14.1.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.0.11.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.23.0(Oct 27, 2019)

    • Support the separate configuration of idle strategies for the replay and recording agent in the archive when running dedicated threading mode.
    • Improve ownership tracking for subscriptions and images in C++ client.
    • Improve matching of tagged channels
    • Increase archive storage version to 2.0.0 which requires the use of migration tool for existing archives.
    • Add operations to purge and restore the history of a recording in the archive.
    • Add the ability to query start position for a recording.
    • Add Image specific fragment assemblers for C++ client.
    • Reduce cacheline padding to save on memory footprint.
    • Fix double delete in Aeron destructor. Issue #717.
    • C++ client refinements. PR #716.
    • Upgrade to javadoc-links 4.1.3.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 5.6.3.
    • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.25.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.14.0.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.0.9.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.22.1(Oct 11, 2019)

    • Fix command message validation which failed to take account of message offset. Issue #690.
    • Address some false sharing issues in the Java and C++ clients which can add 50ns of latency to RTT.
    • Provide original channel URI in error message when parsing fails to port for an endpoint address. PR #714.
    • Rewrite messages from older clients to the archive to allow for gradual upgrade of clients to the new archive. This support will last for only one minor version.
    • Separate versioning schema for network protocol from file formats for the archive to allow them to evolve independently.
    • Only check concurrent recording limits upfront in the archive to avoid later asynchronous errors.
    • Reclaim mapped memory for IPC publications as soon as ref count is 0 and drained by subscriptions without going into 10 second linger.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.22.0(Oct 9, 2019)

    • This release increases the major version on the archive wire protocol and file format. To upgrade it is necessary to update all archive clients and the archive at the same time. Also an archive migration is required by running the CatalogTool with the migrate option. Be sure to backup the archive first before doing a migrate.
    • Add recording signal reporting on the control stream for an archive. The RecordingSignalAdapter can be used to track signals of operations happening to recordings such as START, STOP, EXTEND, REPLICATE, MERGE, etc.
    • Improved Javadoc for archive configuration.
    • Improved checking for clashing session-ids for manually configured publications.
    • Reduce heartbeat updates to mark files to once per second to reduce IO traffic.
    • Reclaim mapped memory for images by not lingering when the last subscription is closed. This can reclaim the mapped memory 10 seconds sooner by default.
    • Fix ref counting to send channel endpoints which could cause a stream to get stopped early when multiple publications use the same channel.
    • Add Archive replication feature which replicate a recording from one archive to another with the option of merging with a live multicast stream and continuing to support multiple redundant recordings.
    • Reduce Java memory footprint of Archive client.
    • Reduce default max concurrent recordings and replay in the archive from 50 to 20.
    • Improve consistency of error codes and command validation to both Java and C Media Drivers.
    • Add Image.activeTransportCount() to track active transports when using MDS which can be used to make ReplayMerge more reliable.
    • Add correlation id to RegistrationException to help with debugging.
    • Allocate non-sparse files in Java media driver at safepoint to help avoid Time-To-SafePoint (TTSP) issues.
    • Add the ability to configure congestion control as a channel URI param with the cc=static or cc=cubic options.
    • Handle channel endpoint errors in the C++ client.
    • Add support to the Java client for adding an removing destinations to publications and subscriptions asynchronously.
    • Catch errors when opening receive destinations and report them to the client.
    • Clean up bound ports on Windows when destinations are removed from MDS Subscripitons.
    • Improve error messages on channel conflicts.
    • Add rejoin URI param to channels so that when an image gets timed out to configure if it should stream or not.
    • Don't try to send archive client close messages when publication is not connected to avoid exceptions.
    • Improve reliability of counter active and reuse checks.
    • Clean up pending setup messages when a channel when endpoints are closed.
    • Use heartbeat timestamp counters to indicate client liveness rather than command messages. This gives more stable behaviour on configurations with multiple clients sending many commands.
    • Reworking of C Media Driver internals to more easily accommodate other media APIs such as ef_vi and DPDK.
    • Add option to delete the aeron.dir on shutdown of the media drivers.
    • Make MediaDriver.close() idempotent.
    • Abort further reading of archive control stream once listed descriptors have been read so further messages are not missed.
    • Improve reliability and precision of ReplayMerge.
    • Update session-id in catalog entries when an archive recording is extended.
    • Add 'group' URI param to indicate if receiver group semantics, e.g. multicast NAK semantics, can be applied to Multi-Destination-Cast.
    • More efficient and less allocating IP address dissection in logging agent.
    • Change Java RecordingReader and CatalogTool so they can read active recordings.
    • Improve handling of thread interrupt in Java client and archive client.
    • Add INVOKER option and config check to C media driver.
    • Add Java client Aeron.Context.awaitingIdleStrategy() configuration option for what to use when making a synchronous call to the driver.
    • Add log started event with timestamp when logging is enabled.
    • Add cncVersion to configuration print on driver start.
    • Fix potential out of bounds access for bytes received update in C media driver.
    • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.24.
    • Upgrade to Mockito 3.1.0.
    • Upgrade to javadoc-links 4.1.2.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 5.6.2.
    • Upgrade to build-scan 2.4.2.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.13.3.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.0.8.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.21.2(Aug 19, 2019)

    • Add client close handler to C++ client which can be used to detect close after client/driver timeouts for cleanup. It will be called on any client close including the shared pointer going out of scope and will be called only once.
    • Try to call all the unavailable handlers in Java and C++ clients regardless of how the client gets closed, especially in the case of timeouts.
    • Add addition relevant fields to Image.toString() method for debugging.
    • Correct log position in some cluster event messages which had the potential to be wrong.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.13.2.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.21.1(Aug 14, 2019)

    • Enable timestamping of sequenced events in cluster at greater precision than milliseconds.
    • Avoid seg faults by not incrementing error counters when starvation timeouts occur.
    • Check for thread interrupt in spin loops so agents can be interrupted and tests can abort more cleanly.
    • Coordinate agent shutdown in the Archive on timeout for a more clean shutdown.
    • Detect timeouts due to resource starvation in Archive and Cluster and terminate to avoid seg faults.
    • Allow the setting of an Aeron client in the Archive without an invoker.
    • Upgrade to javadoc-links 3.8.4.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.13.1.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.0.7.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.21.0(Aug 2, 2019)

    • Complete work on IPC messages from services and reliable timers for Cluster.
    • Simplify logic in Image.controlledPeek methods and correct return value on closed on Java client.
    • Support OSGi manifest headers. PR #690.
    • Add missing Javadoc to public classes.
    • Add AeronException.Category enum to Aeron exceptions for Java and C++ by separating warn, error, and fatal categories of exception.
    • Ability to add and remove close handlers on Java Aeron client to avoid use after close and segfaults due to unmapped files.
    • Check for Aeron client close in Archive due to starvation to avoid segfaults.
    • Remove layer of indirection from Subscription to Image in C++ client to help avoid cache misses.
    • Update licence references to https.
    • Upgrade to Mockito 3.0.0.
    • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.23.
    • Upgrade to javadoc-links 3.8.1.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 5.5.1.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.13.0.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.0.6.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.20.0(Jul 12, 2019)

    • Add pre-touch option for memory mapped files in clients to fault in pages to reduce latency spikes on first cycle around log buffers.
    • Rework C++ client to share log buffer mappings between publications and subscriptions when possible to reduce mapping costs.
    • Rework C++ client to manage images via shared_ptr to help avoid memory reclamation issues. Issue #467.
    • Rework management of C++ client resources to be more O(1) when reacting to events from the driver.
    • Set error handler on Aeron client in Archive client when set. PR #687.
    • Check for reentrant calls to Aeron client from C++ callbacks and call error handler if detected.
    • Add watch option to Java AeronStat and separate out counter reader. PR #684.
    • Tighten up logic to avoid use of C++ Aeron client after close.
    • Replace division operations with shifts where possible to improve performance on startup in Java implementation.
    • Support adding and removing counters availability handlers after client connect and to support multiple handlers in Java and C++ clients.
    • Add the ability to do archive replays bounded by a counter to Java and C++ implementations.
    • Improve and expand Java and C++ samples.
    • Some fixes for the Windows native build which is still experimental.
    • Remove unused linger feature from flow control to reduce footprint and improve performance.
    • Fix concurrency issue with buffer cleaning which could result in a stream locking up and being in a permanent back-pressure state.
    • Add stopAllReplays operation to the Archive which can be on a specific recording or wildcarded to all recordings.
    • Don't treat explicit client closes as timeouts. PR #681.
    • Limit resend window to half a term length to avoid unnecessary under runs.
    • Add observed values in timeout exception messages. PR #680.
    • Reduce allocation when using logging agent and improve its performance.
    • Use more efficient clock implementations in C media driver.
    • Use correct message encoder when sending a stopReplay to the archive. PR #676.
    • Correctly initialise send and clean positions on publications when a non-zero start is required in the C driver.
    • Add semantic versioning to CnC files. Issue #624.
    • Fix Subscription::isConnected() in C++ client.
    • Many improvements to Cluster which is not yet GA.
    • Upgrade to Mockito 2.28.2.
    • Upgrade to javadoc-links 3.7.5.
    • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.22.
    • Upgrade to Shadow 5.1.0.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.12.8.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.0.3.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.19.1(May 26, 2019)

    • Fix logging of cluster election events due to class loading clash with aeron agent.
    • Fix issue with snapshot on leader not recording which service message it had appended up to.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.12.7.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.19.0(May 25, 2019)

    • Add support for clustered services to send reliable ingress back into the cluster over IPC to be sequenced into the log.
    • Added aeron.client.close.linger.duration which can be set greater than the default of 0 to help clients in resource constrained environments, or long GC pause applications, from experiencing seg faults from unmapped files.
    • Close Java Aeron client when timeouts occur and delay before unmapping files to help prevent seg faults.
    • Add dump option to CatalogTool to dump out full details including recorded stream data. PR #669.
    • Provide read only view of Archive Catalog. PR #668.
    • Protect against contexts being used in multiple drivers or clients. PR #666.
    • Add support for channel tags to C media driver. Issue #622.
    • Make socket buffer config settings public for driver context.
    • Upgrade to javadoc-links 3.6.4 to allow for offline build.
    • Upgrade to hamcrest 2.1.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.12.6.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.0.1.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 1.18.0(May 3, 2019)

    • Various improvements and fixes for Aeron Cluster. Elections are becoming robust and the API is firming up.
    • Fix counter resource leak when cycling UDP publications with back pressure counters. PR #663.
    • Add tether support for local flow control to Java and C media drivers. This allows a subscription to declare itself as a tether or not on local flow control. If not a tether then it can be left behind if it stops or cannot keep up.
    • C and Java media drivers can optionally print their configuration on startup.
    • Greatly improved configuration for C media driver allowing configuration via properties files fetched from local file system or over HTTP, or via API for context. The list of files can be passed on the command line to aeronmd.
    • Include session-id in archive recording key regardless of using tags or not.
    • Abort Archive sessions if the response publication fails after successfully connected or when any other exception occurs during processing. This avoid infinite failure loop in the archive on some conditions.
    • Improve Javadoc.
    • Add channel param for indicating if EOS should be sent on close of publication or not.
    • Improve build of native driver on Windows.
    • Output from ctest on failure for native build.
    • Upgrade to io.freefair.javadoc-links 3.2.1.
    • Upgrade to Checkstyle 8.20.
    • Upgrade to ByteBuddy 1.9.10.
    • Upgrade to Mockito 2.27.0.
    • Upgrade to Gradle 5.4.1.
    • Upgrade to SBE 1.12.5.
    • Upgrade to Agrona 1.0.0.

    Java binaries can be found here...

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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