leak again bruh

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its not an official phobos version, its just a skid made by somesadkid

leaked again this time no nuke :maed:

rte is cool B)

peterdev is meanie nuked repo

Actually wasn't leaked by perry even tho somesadkid thinks I did lololol.

A fast object pool for the JVM

Stormpot Stormpot is an object pooling library for Java. Use it to recycle objects that are expensive to create. The library will take care of creatin

Chris Vest 282 Sep 16, 2021
Shit skid(Phobos) of skid(Oyvey) of skid(Novola Zori)

Zori But actually good! Zori is a client for 1.12.2 anarchy servers such as 2b2t or eliteanarchy. Zori offers an array of tools to help you on the bat

Jacob Ward 17 Sep 1, 2021
Micro second messaging that stores everything to disk

Chronicle Queue Contents Table of Contents Contents About Chronicle Software What is Chronicle Queue Java Docs Usage More benchmarks Downloading Chron

Chronicle Software : Open Source 2.4k Sep 15, 2021
High performance Java implementation of a Cuckoo filter - Apache Licensed

Cuckoo Filter For Java This library offers a similar interface to Guava's Bloom filters. In most cases it can be used interchangeably and has addition

Mark Gunlogson 140 Aug 24, 2021
A Java library for quickly and efficiently parsing and writing UUIDs

fast-uuid fast-uuid is a Java library for quickly and efficiently parsing and writing UUIDs. It yields the most dramatic performance gains when compar

Jon Chambers 118 Sep 9, 2021
A bot program for Kongregate's Bit Heroes game

This is bot for Bit Heroes, called 99bot on Linux / Windows / MacOS have inspiration from https://github.com/tiemonl/Bit-Heroes-Fishing-Bot Hi, I'm 99

HungPV 3 Sep 9, 2021