Tackle Data-intensive Validity Analyzer

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Tackle-DiVA (Data-intensive Validity Analyzer)

Tackle-DiVA is a command-line tool for data-centric application analysis. It imports a set of target application source files (*.java/xml) and provides following analysis result files.

  • Service entry (exported API) inventory
  • Database inventory
  • Transaction inventory
  • Code-to-Database dependencies (call graphs)
  • Database-to-Database dependencies
  • Transaction-to-Transaction dependencies
  • Transaction refactoring recommendation.



  • Docker runnable environment (e.g. RHEL, Ubuntu, macOS)

Getting Started

Supposed that tackle-diva is cloned to /tmp,

  1. Build docker image for diva.
$ cd /tmp/tackle-diva/
$ docker build . -t diva
  1. Prepare source codes of target Java applications whose Java framework is supported in DiVA, such as DayTrader7 and TradingApp.
$ cd /tmp
$ git clone https://github.com/WASdev/sample.daytrader7.git
  1. Move to tackle-diva/distrib/bin/ directory, and execute diva_docker command attaching directory full path.
$ cd /tmp/tackle-diva/distrib/bin/
$ ./diva_docker /tmp/sample.daytrader7/
  1. Check tackle-diva/distrib/output directory and confirm analysis result files
$ ls /tmp/tackle-diva/distrib/output
contexts.yml            transaction.json        transaction_summary.dot
database.json           transaction.yml         transaction_summary.pdf

Analysis Results

An output directory for storing analysis result files:

  • contexts.yml: Extracted application service entries
  • database.json: Extracted database tables
  • transaction.json/yml: Extracted transactions that expresses as a sequence of service entry, call graphs, SQLs
  • transaction_summary.dot/pdf: Extracted database-to-database/transaction-to-transaction dependencies and recommended transaction refactoring.

Supported Java Frameworks

The other frameworks to be supported.

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