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This is the source code repository for the jmxtrans project.

This is effectively the missing connector between speaking to a JVM via JMX on one end and whatever logging / monitoring / graphing package that you can dream up on the other end.

jmxtrans is very powerful tool which uses easily generated JSON (or YAML) based configuration files and then outputs the data in whatever format you desire. It does this with a very efficient engine design that will scale to communicating with thousands of machines from a single jmxtrans instance.

The core engine is very solid and there are writers for Graphite, StatsD, Ganglia, cacti/rrdtool, OpenTSDB, text files, and stdout. Feel free to suggest more on the discussion group or issue tracker.

Coda Hale did an excellent talk for Pivotal Labs on why metrics matter. Great justification for using a tool like jmxtrans.


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jmxtrans project
jmxtrans project