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AIDE-based mod that will help you develop mobile applications based on the Android platform.

How is it different from AIDE?

  • Added Assets Manager (under development)
  • Adjusted some features
  • Fully in English (under development)

Where can I get it?

As for now, you can get it only in Telegram Group. But when there will be completed version, it will be published in releases.


Help in the development of AIDE-Pro by contributing new features or improvements. We will be glad.

Fork this repository and contribute back using pull requests.

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When you've made changes to one or more files, you have to commit that file. You also need a * message* for that commit.

You should read these guidelines, or that summarized:

  • Short and detailed ( otherwise it will be deleted )
  • Prefix one of these commit types:
    • feat: A feature, possibly improving something already existing
    • fix: A fix, for example of a bug
    • style: Feature and updates related to styling
    • refactor: Refactoring a specific section of the codebase
    • test: Everything related to testing
    • docs: Everything related to documentation
    • chore: Code maintenance (you can also use emojis to represent commit types)


  • feat: Speed up compiling with new technique
  • fix: Fix crash during launch on certain phones
  • refactor: Reformat code at


Hosni Fraj
Hosni Fraj
On-device wake word detection powered by deep learning.

Porcupine Made in Vancouver, Canada by Picovoice Porcupine is a highly-accurate and lightweight wake word engine. It enables building always-listening

Picovoice 2.5k Sep 15, 2021
Java version of LIBLINEAR

This is the Java version of LIBLINEAR. The project site of the original C++ version is located at The ups

Benedikt Waldvogel 298 Sep 14, 2021
Hierarchical Temporal Memory implementation in Java - an official Community-Driven Java port of the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC). Official Java™ version of... Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) Community-supported & ported from the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Comput

Numenta 301 Aug 27, 2021
An Open Source Java Library for the Rubiks Cube!

?? Table of contents Overview What is Cubot? Why would you want it? Documentation Installation Updates ?? Overview A Java library to help you : Virtua

Akshath Raghav 12 Aug 14, 2021
Please visit for latest H2O

Caution: H2O-3 is now the current H2O! Please visit H2O H2O makes Hadoop do math! H2O scales statistics, machine learni 2.2k Sep 6, 2021
💻 Machine Coding - leetcode LLD (coding blox) - It is an Online Coding Platform that allows a user to Sign Up, Create Contests and participate in Contests hosted by Others.

leetcode-lld-flipkart-coding-blox Machine coding - leetcode LLD (coding blox) My Approach :

Hariom Yadav 29 Sep 6, 2021
An Engine-Agnostic Deep Learning Framework in Java

Deep Java Library (DJL) Overview Deep Java Library (DJL) is an open-source, high-level, engine-agnostic Java framework for deep learning. DJL is desig

Amazon Web Services - Labs 2.1k Sep 16, 2021
Now redundant weka mirror. Visit for the real deal

weka (mirror) Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Waikato now has an official github organization including a read-only git mirro

Benjamin Petersen 305 Jul 17, 2021
450- DSA Questions 🔥🔥

450-DSA-Questions ?? ?? Hello ?? This repo contains the JAVA solutions for DSA Cheat Sheet provided by Love Babbar bhaiya. These questions are handpic

Prateek Bansal 403 Sep 10, 2021
Model import deployment framework for retraining models (pytorch, tensorflow,keras) deploying in JVM Micro service environments, mobile devices, iot, and Apache Spark

The Eclipse Deeplearning4J (DL4J) ecosystem is a set of projects intended to support all the needs of a JVM based deep learning application. This mean

Eclipse Foundation 12.2k Sep 9, 2021
Apache Spark - A unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing

Apache Spark Spark is a unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing. It provides high-level APIs in Scala, Java, Python, and R, and an op

The Apache Software Foundation 30.8k Sep 15, 2021
CompreFace is a free and open-source face recognition system from Exadel

CompreFace can be easily integrated into any system without prior machine learning skills. CompreFace provides REST API for face recognition, face verification, face detection, landmark detection, age, and gender recognition and is easily deployed with docker

Exadel 1.3k Sep 19, 2021
DataLink is a new open source solution to bring Flink development to data center.

DataLink 简介 DataLink 是一个创新的数据中台解决方案,它基于 SpringCloud Alibaba 和 Apache Flink 实现。它使用了时下最具影响力的实时计算框架Flink,而且紧跟社区发展,试图只通过一种计算框架来解决离线与实时的问题,实现Sql语义化的批流一体,帮助

null 22 Aug 22, 2021
DataLink is a new open source solution to bring Flink development to data center.

DataLink 简介 DataLink 是一个创新的数据中台解决方案,它基于 SpringCloud Alibaba 和 Apache Flink 实现。它使用了时下最具影响力的实时计算框架Flink,而且紧跟社区发展,试图只通过一种计算框架来解决离线与实时的问题,实现Sql语义化的批流一体,帮助

null 27 Sep 6, 2021
Sparkling Water provides H2O functionality inside Spark cluster

Sparkling Water Sparkling Water integrates H2O's fast scalable machine learning engine with Spark. It provides: Utilities to publish Spark data struct 905 Sep 7, 2021
Stream Processing and Complex Event Processing Engine

Siddhi Core Libraries Siddhi is a cloud native Streaming and Complex Event Processing engine that understands Streaming SQL queries in order to captur

Siddhi - Cloud Native Stream Processor 1.2k Sep 10, 2021