Several XStream gadgets ported from ysoserial

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This repo contains several ysoserial gadgets, transformed into the XStream serialization format.

Original repo:

Some gadgets are uploaded in form of .xml, which has to be manually edited for the desired effect. Several gadgets need to be generated using the provided Java class.

Ported gadgets

Gadget                  Author                                  Format
------                  ------                                  ------
URLDNS                  @gebl                                   XML
JRMPClient              @mbechler                               XML
AspectJWeaver           @Jang                                   XML
CommonsBeanutils1       @frohoff                                Java
CommonsCollections2     @frohoff                                Java
CommonsCollections4     @frohoff                                Java
CommonsCollections6     @matthias_kaiser                        XML
CommonsCollections7     @scristalli, @hanyrax, @EdoardoVignati  XML
C3P0                    @mbechler                               XML


In order to run Java classes, you need:

  • xstream-1.4.17.jar (or any other version)
  • kxml2-2.3.0.jar
  • ysoserial.jar (see repo provided in the beginning of this README)
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