Community Mod. Just for fun.

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Developed by members of the Discord server "TurtyWurty's Productions" over the span of 2 weeks, Community Mod is made up of a bunch of unorganized features, simply for fun.

A list of all the features made by the community is presented below.

How to contribute

  1. To contribute, all you need to do is fork this repository.
  2. Then, clone the fork onto your PC so that you have a local version.
  3. Next, run the setup commands you run when you create a mod.
  4. Perform the additions you want, as long as you follow the rules below.
  5. When you conclude your changes, commit and push them to your fork.
  6. Finally, create a Pull Request on GitHub to bring the code from your fork into the original repository.

Alternatively, you can do a lot of these steps using your IDE or GitHub Desktop Application.

How will my PR be accepted?

Your code will be reviewed by one of the Triage Team. If your code is SFW (Safe For Work), does not break the mod, does not change the concept of someone else's idea, and follows the style guidelines, then the code will be merged. If it breaks any of these it will be closed. You must also add to this file in the section below for what you have added/modified in your PR. If you do not supply an edit to this, then you will be asked to add to it. If you continue failing to do so, your PR will be closed.

What's included in this mod?

  • Beans
  • Bean Block
  • Bean Entity
  • Bean Entity Spawn Egg
  • Beans Sandwich
  • Bean Soup
  • Toast
  • Miguel of Fortune
  • Dark Towers Dimension (wip)
  • Ultimate Cheese
  • Special Item
  • Orb of Insanity
  • Bean Hat
  • Bean Belt
  • Da Dog Hand
  • Bean Music Disc (by LudoCrypt)
  • 10 Different Types of Tent Structures
  • Bean Sword
  • USSR Anthem Music Disc
  • James May Cheese Song Music Disc
  • Apple O Realz
  • Realz Ingot
  • Eternium Crystal
  • Goose Entity
  • Apple Ingot
  • Bean Talisman
  • Bean Ring
  • Bean Artifact
  • Skills & Rewards
  • Stats
  • Mob Levels
  • Souls
  • Soul Stealer Enchantment
  • Sycthe
  • Extreme Tnt
  • Soulstealer armor
  • Processing Tool
  • Magnet
  • A Meatball and Ikea Furniture Based Arcane System
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Community Mod. Just for fun.

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